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Fractional CMO Services That Meet the Marketing Needs of Early-Stage Biotech and Digital Health Companies

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Some of the Marketing Activities I Provide or Oversee as a Fractional CMO

Achieve Marketing & Commercialization Excellence

Our goals are the same: set your business up for long-term commercial prosperity. Early-stage businesses that accomplish this follow a proven methodology. Attain’s Fractional CMO services will bring this method to your business and manage the process that leads your team to success.

Access Specialized Commercialization Skill Sets


You need access to specialized talent to achieve your commercial growth ambitions. As your Fractional CMO, I will partner with you to convene and coordinate an ad hoc advisory board comprised of talent in the areas critical to your commercial success.

Establish a High-Performing Marketing Capability - THE MARKETING OPERATIONS STACK

Establish a High-Performing Marketing Capability


The marketing operations stack is the processes and technology that will power your marketing strategy, increase your ability to thrive as a business and achieve your commercialization goals.

Ensure Flawless Marketing Execution


As your Fractional CMO, I will work with your marketing team and external partners in sprints – time-based periods that accelerate your business by prioritizing your most critical initiatives and establishing rules of engagement for accountability and execution consistency.


A recurring marketing operations stack review at the beginning of each sprint cycle ensures that your marketing team’s time and energy are focused on the highest-impact areas of your business.

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