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Fractional Chief Marketing Officer and Advisory Services for Early-Stage Healthcare Companies

Helping early-stage biotech and digital health companies create and execute winning marketing strategies to realize their commercial growth ambitions.

Achieve Your Commercialization Goals
Develop High-Impact Go-To-Market Strategies
Create Demand and Competitive Advantage
Maximize Your Marketplace Potential 

Most early-stage biotech and digital health companies struggle to cost-effectively develop and scale their marketing capabilities as they transition from a development-stage company to a commercial-stage venture.


Attain's Fractional CMO and Advisory services provide solutions to these challenges while offering all the benefits of executive-level marketing leadership.

What Is a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer?

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a part-time executive who is responsible for coordinating and leading your marketing team and external partners to achieve your business goals.

A great Fractional CMO will deeply understand your business and commercial objectives and create a comprehensive and high-impact marketing strategy to achieve those objectives.

Then, they will establish the systems and processes, identify and hire the necessary resources, and provide ongoing leadership to ensure your strategy is executed with excellence.

That’s what I do for early-stage biotech and digital health companies. I would love to learn more about your goals, and help you reach them with marketing that gets results.

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Some of the Marketing Activities I Provide or Oversee as a Fractional CMO

A Few of the Companies I Have Worked With

I Can Partner With You in Three Core Formats To Develop and Execute Your Commercial Growth Strategy

  • Fractional Chief Marketing Officer
    As your Fractional CMO, I will be accountable for ALL your marketing outcomes. You will receive a comprehensive launch activation plan and marketing strategy that will be executed by your internal team and external partners with my oversight.
  • Commercial Success Strategy Session
    With a customized Commercial Success Strategy Session, we will work through a highly focused agenda to address your most pressing strategic, launch planning, or marketing-related topics. Strategy sessions can run anywhere from a half-day to two days in duration.
  • Commercial Growth Marketing Advisor
    After a Commercial Success Strategy Session or a 90-day sprint as a Fractional CMO, I can advise your team and provide strategic support via biweekly check-ins to ensure launch and marketing activities are on track.
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Let's Get Started

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